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We work with you to design your network to the specification that best suits your business.



Our experienced engineers will implement the network solutions and work with you and your IT team in a smooth transition.

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Providing after implementation & ongoing Support and Maintenance to ensure you have the best possible service for your business.

Data Networking

In today's ever growing environment the importance of a flexible, scalable, secure and highly available network can never be under-estimated. The Networks importance can be overlooked but is accentually the backbone of your IT infrastructure. It needs to adapt to new technology such as convergence, virtualisation, IP voice, video, mobility, and presence.

Confiance IT Solutions experience of working in the IT sector throughout Europe over the past 20 years, can provide a quality driven reliable service that is cost effective for your business. Specialising in the SME sector we can provide solutions that meet your requirements by designing your network, ordering of circuits and installation of hardware, configuration and ongoing support. Contact our team via or call 07958951212 for a full quote via the phone



Confiance IT Solutions has a wide range of experience on a number of networking platforms including Cisco, HP, Netgear, Draytek and Dell. From Layer 2 switching to Layer 3 routing we can provide network solutions that help your business provide cutting edge network solutions helping you streamline operations.



Networks are subject to attacks from malicious sources be it physical or logical. Network security is a major part of any network in today's world. With the ever growing threat of hackers who have become more advanced in the ways they attack networks in recent years so the need for security software or hardware has become a necessity. We can provide secure network solutions for your business from a number of manufacturers.



We offer Wireless solutions which provide a secure and reliable service for businesses and allows your employees and clients to interact in meetings whilst still keeping your internal network secure with industry leading intrusion protection from a number of different providers.

Over the past 10 years the increase of smart phones and tablets has resulted in a demand for wireless networks within businesses. Many companies use a BYOD scheme ,allowing their  employees, clients and customers to be able to communicate and share data instantly. Wireless networks provide your employees, customers and clients the means to be online and interacting at a touch of a button or two.

Confiance IT Solutions can provide secure, stable and cost effective wireless solutions for your business. Providing industry lead secure wireless networks from a number of manufactures, contact us today for our portfolio of solutions.

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To provide cost effective, reliable, strategic IT solutions for your business, leaving you to concentrate on the day to day running of your business.

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Confiance IT Solutions are professional cabling, Network and Voice engineers as well as qualified project managers with years of experience.

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